The Osgoode Certificate in Professional Regulation & Discipline in the Ontario Health Care Sector

The professional regulation and discipline of health care professionals is a complex area which challenges its constituents to be fully informed of the entire process – from start to finish. This unique, intensive 5-day certificate program, taught by OsgoodePD’s multi-disciplinary faculty, will explore the issues by providing perspectives from all parties involved in the process.

This program was created to provide those working in the health care sector with a comprehensive overview of the professional regulation and discipline of health care professionals. Whether you are a lawyer working in the health care sector and specializing in professional discipline or a professional working at one of the health regulatory colleges or health professionals’ unions, this program will guide you through the maze and will enable you to have a full appreciation of the core issues in the field. Topics include:

  • How the regulatory process works
  • The rights and duties of the health regulatory colleges and its members during an investigation
  • Tips on how to draft a strong and comprehensive investigation report
  • Strategies for dealing with various pre-hearing procedures, including motions and pre-hearing conferences
  • Insight into selecting and training members of a complaints committee
  • How to prepare and participate in Fitness to Practice proceedings and hearings
  • Best practices and advocacy tips for prosecuting before a discipline committee as well as defending a member before a discipline committee
  • The role of the independent legal counsel
  • How to negotiate reasonable penalties
  • The role of the prosecutor, defence counsel and independent counsel in the drafting of reasons