The Clinical Practice Nurse Educator Certificate Program

Program Overview

The only one of its kind in Canada! A Continuing Professional Education program offered exclusively by the Health Leadership and Learning Network, Faculty of Health, York University.

Why attend this program?

The Clinical Practice Nurse Educator Certificate program is an educational program that can help you become instrumental in assuring quality educational experiences that support and facilitate meaningful learning for the nursing workforce for a diverse, ever-changing health care environment:

  • Be a leader who guides nurses in the organization through the learning process
  • Play a pivotal role in strengthening the nursing workforce in your organization
  • Serve as a role model and provide pivotal mentor-ship to implement evidence-based practice
  • Refresh your skills with the latest evidence-based knowledge about teaching and learning for nurses in practice
  • Advance your career and acquire new skills and competencies to take on the role of a Clinical Nurse Educator/mentor/preceptor in clinical practice

This program will cover designing, implementing, evaluating and revising continuing education programs for nurses.

Benefits of the interactive-online format:

  • Benefit of the virtual classroom provided by York University learning technology platform
  • Virtual classrooms are emerging as an easier way to learn and teach online
  • The course includes online simulation
  • Interactive video stream - you can all see and interact with one another

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Nurse Educator/mentor/preceptor/clinical course directors in hospitals, long term care, front line community service providers, home care agencies, and other service providers
  • New to the role and upgrading skills/refreshing skills
  • Nurses looking to take on a new role in their career plan

"The program opened my eyes to the possibilities of and has set the seed for ongoing life learning...The possibilities are endless." - Pat Larkin, Staff Development Coordinator, IERHA

What will you learn?

  • Acquire a solid repertoire of teaching methods
  • Acquire a reliable and proven repertoire of methods for evaluation
  • Learn skills and competencies to teach effectively – test these skills and competencies
  • Learn skills and competencies to create learning environments that support success
  • Remain part of a network of Nurse Educators in practice

"This course was excellent. It opened my eyes to the possibilities in education and how to improve my teaching skills." – Anonymous, April 2013 Session

Program Format

Program  Format

Four (4) Modules comprising of

  • Eight (8) synchronous sessions online with the instructor (2 hours each)
  • 32 hours of on-demand curriculum
  • Plus 10 hours for the project with a presentation due in Module 4

You must plan to attend ALL the live online sessions. You must complete all on-demand lessons - you will be evaluated on this content

Module 1

Introduction to teaching and learning

Module 2

Supporting/Facilitating learning; Role of the educator in practice

Module 3

Assessing and evaluating learning; Engaging learners; Teaching strategies

Module 4

Evidence informed nursing education; Teaching strategies


Dr. Pat Bradley - PhD, MScN, MEd

Associate Professor, School of Nursing-York University

Pat Bradley is an Associate Professor in the School of Nursing at York University. She has a certificate in nursing education from the National League for Nursing in the United States, and has held a variety of leadership and academic positions in Canada and the U.S., including director of education, practice, and research at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla, California. Her program of research focuses on internationally educated nurses, competency assessment, and innovative curriculum design and delivery. Dr. Bradley is an expert in “Civility in the Clinical Workplace” and her peer-reviewed research in this area has been presented nationally and internationally – her research and teaching in this area has focused on creating collaborative and respectful practice and learning environments.

Dr. Bradley has won numerous teaching awards including the Teaching Innovation Award from the Council of Ontario Universities Programs in Nursing (COUPN) in 2011.


Funding Sources

Please note that these funding sources below are listed here for your information only. York University or HLLN does not directly provide this funding or apply for grants.

Nursing Education Initiative

Nurses taking the Nurse Educator Certificate program may be eligible to receive reimbursement of up to $1500 from the Education Initiative offered through the RNAO. You do NOT have to be an RNAO member to apply for the funding. Please visit the RNAO website, Education Funding, for more details

Canada Ontario Job Grant

Your employer may be eligible to apply for the Canada Ontario Job Grant and cover the full cost of this course. See the link for eligibility and how to apply