Health Coach Institute FAQ

What is Health Coaching?

Please see About Health Coaching for more information.

Why is Health Coaching Important?

Health risk behaviours are extremely prevalent in Canada and around the world. These health risky behaviours can lead to chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, obesity, or mental health and addiction problems, and others.

The existing health care system has not been able to meet the emerging healthcare needs of the population. This has contributed to escalating rates of complex and chronic issues. Health coaching is an evidence-based intervention that can help to promote health, reduce risk, and manage health conditions.

Is Health Coaching Applicable in Other Provinces or Countries?

Yes, absolutely. Our health coaching approach can be applied in any setting. If you are part of a regulated health profession in a jurisdiction, you are encouraged to contact the regulatory body to understand the full scope of your practice.

What Can I Do with the Health Coaching Certificate?

You can incorporate health coaching in your current practice, find in a new role in the health and wellness sector or start your own one-on-one health coaching business. As health coaching is not a regulated health profession, qualifications required may vary from employer to employer. Please see About Health Coaching for more details.

Do I Have to Be a Regulated Health Professional to Health Coach?

Our program is designed for individuals practicing in health care, social services, and other counselling or helping professions. You do not have to be a regulated health professional to take The Lifestyle and Wellness Health Coach and The Primary Prevention Health Coach certificate programs. However, you will need to have a health-related diploma or degree and 1-2 years of relevant work experience in the health and/or wellness sector.

All other certificate programs at the Health Coach Institute require you to be a regulated health professional.

If you are unsure if our programs are suitable for you, please contact us at

What is the Difference Between the General Stream and Specialized Stream of the Certificate Programs You Offer?

Our certificate offerings are divided into a general stream and specialized stream. The general stream supports general population health, primary prevention, secondary prevention and chronic disease management for a wide range of clients and complexities.

The specialized stream focuses specifically on diabetes and obesity for health care professionals who work directly with those disease populations. You have to be a certified bariatric educator (CBE) from the Canadian Obesity Network or a certified diabetes educator (CDE) from the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certification Board to be eligible to take the respective obesity or diabetes certificate program. Demonstrated relevant experience or education will be considered.

Do I Have to Take the Certificate Programs in Sequential Order?

No but you are recommended to take the general stream in sequential order as the programs build on each other. However, each program is a standalone certificate program geared towards coaching a specific population segment with a focus on varying health outcome goals.

Please see the suggested program pathway diagram for more information.

How Much Does the Program Cost?
General Stream Price
The Lifestyle and Wellness Health Coach (3 days) $1450 CAD + HST
The Primary Prevention Health Coach (5 days) $2300 CAD + HST
The Chronic Disease Management Health Coach (5 days) $2300 CAD + HST
Specialized Stream  Price
Advanced Certified Bariatric Educator (4 days) $1500 +HST
Health Coaching for Diabetes Care (4 days) $1500 +HST
Are There Program Discounts Available?

Yes. Discounts are also available for York Alumni or groups of three or more. Please contact for more information.

Are There Scholarships for this Program?

Unfortunately not, as this is a non-degree and non-credit certificate program. While there are no specific scholarships, participants may be eligible for Canada-Ontario Job Grant and other similar out-of-province programs to support professional development. Nurses may be eligible for the Education Initiative offered through the RNAO, and allied health professionals may be eligible for the the Allied Health Professional Development Fund offered through HealthForceOntario. We do not apply for these funds for participants.

I Live Outside the GTA and Will be Commuting. Are Accommodations Available?

Yes. Accommodations are available at the Schulich Executive Hotel on Campus. Reservations can be made by phone at (416)-650-8300 or by email at

I Would Like to Provide Health Coaching Services at My Organization. What Options Do I Have?

We offer offer customized group training for an organization based on your specific needs.At this time we do not provide a directory of health coaches to individuals looking for a health coach. However, if your organization or practice is looking to hire health coaches and would like to inquire about graduates of our program, please contact us at or 416 736 2100 ext. 22170.

Do You Have Partnership and Sponsorship Opportunities?

Yes. A limited number of partnership and sponsorship options are available.Contact us for more information about a Partnership to offer the Certificate through your organization or for sponsorship opportunities. Please contact Tania Xerri at or at 416 736 2100 ext 22142.