Digital Badges

What is a digital badge?

A digital badge is a portable and visual representation of the professional skills or expertise you've gained from a course. It includes details of earning criteria such as defined competencies, course activities, and experiences.
A digital badge comes from a credible source, is encrypted and can be verified with one click. It is much more difficult to counterfeit than paper. We are working with eCampus Ontario to establish a standard framework for digital badges across higher education institutions in Ontario.
Your digital badges are hosted on the eCampus Ontario Passport when you create a profile page. You can also display your digital badge on your other online pages such as your personal website or digital C.V., social media such as LinkedIn or FaceBook, or share the link directly to your passport profile page.


Digital badges are stackable.

This means that the digital badges you earn can be combined or "stacked" towards a professional certificate representing a milestone achievement. You can earn three types of digital badges: fundamental and advanced skills badges that highlight a workplace applied or clinical skill, or a professional certificate badge that highlights a thematic set of skills needed to perform a specific role.

You may receive 1-2 digital skills badges upon completion of a course. These skills badges can be stacked based on a learning pathway towards a professional certificate. For longer courses of 8 days and up, you may receive a professional certificate directly.


Skills badges issued by the Health Leadership and Learning Network:

Course Badge(s)
Lifestyle and Wellness Health Coach Certificate Health Coaching Therapeutic Intervention - Fundamental Skills
Motivational Interviewing - Fundamental Skills
Chronic Disease Management Health Coach Certificate Health Coaching Therapeutic Intervention - Advanced Skills
Care Planning - Fundamental Skills
Patient Navigation Certificate Care Coordination - Fundamental Skills
Patient Needs Assessment - Fundamental Skills
Advanced Patient Navigation Certificate Care Coordination - Advanced Skills
Patient Needs Assessment - Advanced Skills
Motivational Interviewing Certificate Motivational Interviewing - Fundamental Skills

*There will be a $20 administrative fee charged for issuing a digital badge. You will receive your digital skills badge (s) via email upon course completion, with instructions on how to collect and display them.

**If you would like to stack your digital badges towards a professional certificate, please contact us for more information at